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Select quartz shards are gathered from remote outcroppings in the Sonoran Arizona desert. Only naturally revealed stones are harvested. The quartz is then organically cleansed in running water rebalancing the crystal's energy. These select stones are then energized in a Sedona, Arizona vortex. A channel is hand-cut into the stone to release and focus the core vortex energy. The channel is then wrapped twice with a 20 gauge metal conductor, transmitting energy and grounding the stone to earth, enabling you to connect to the vital Earth Chakra. Copper or sterling silver energy amplification coils act as the conductor depending on the energies you choose to channel through your Vortex Crystal™.

Copper Amplification Coil

Copper, humanity's first metal, appears in Sumerian and Egyptian metallurgy as early as 3900 BC. Copper, a physical conductor, enables a Vortex Crystal™ to conduct positive and powerful energy between individuals, crystals, and the earth.

Silver Amplification Coil

Silver, a symbol of wealth throughout time, amplifies energy of abundance and prosperity. It also enhances patience and provides protection against negative energy; calming the conscious and reducing stress.

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